The Experience


ewborn photography is not just a matter of snapping beautiful photos of a tiny baby, but rather, it is a special experience and an art. Sessions are taken in the first 5-10 days after birth when your baby is very sleepy and loves to curl in that womb-like position. I know as a mother myself that getting out of the house in that first week can be a challenge. Know that I will do everything to make your time with me enjoyable, comfortable and fun. This time in your life will pass so quickly I want you to sit back and take it all in.

Safety is always a priority for me as a newborn photographer. Having the proper space, equipment and knowledge of posing is so important for your precious little ones. We ensure a warm, safe environment, and always have a second set of hands on or near the baby at all times when using props. This will usually be a spouse/partner or friend who has come along but in the case you don't have that extra person with you I have an experienced assistant I can always call on.

I don't consider myself a baby whisperer by any means, but I do have the experience of working with hundreds of newborns, and I have many techniques for soothing your baby to sleep and keeping them that way throughout the session, while moving from prop to prop and pose to pose. All babies are very different and some will be more sensitive to movements, so bring your patience.

Why so early? Newborn photographs need to be taken in the earliest days while your baby is tiny. Your baby's newborn traits will disappear quickly, so a majority of babies that I see are between 5-8 days old. My goal is to capture the tiny details of your newborn. IN these first days, babies are incredibly sleepy and love that position they were in for the past nine months.

It is an investment to preserve your child's first days of life through newborn photos, but it is one that you will never regret making. Like a wedding day, it is a tiny snapshot in time that you will never get back. Your images will be treasured not only by you and your family, but by your child as he/she grows.


Upon booking, you will receive an exclusive guide with extra information regarding your session, including style guides, my favorite vendors
and other helpful information that will help to make your session a stress-free experience.